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a close up of a box
12 containers of gelato
7 containers of gelato
4 containers of gelato
4 containers of gelato
Caffe Vergnano
Fabbri Chocolate Covered Cherries
1 Figs Pecan and Chocolate
2 Fior di Mandorla
3 Dama Pistachio Vegan
4  Hazelnut Truffle Stracciatella
5 Lavender Honey
6 Banana Pudding
7 Mimosa Siciliana
8 Drunken Cha
9 Gianduia Gelato and Amarena Cherry
10 Cardamom and chocolate pear gelato

Gelato Box #1 - SOLD OUT


This box celebrates the gelato artistry of the chefs who competed in Gelato Festival America 2020's first session on 11/18/2020. Beyond tasting the innovative flavors created by the world-renowned competitors, each box will include four QR codes that allow you, your friends & family to vote for your favorite flavors.

Savor 12 4oz containers of chef-prepared gelatos directly from the festival, as well as a special addition of award-winning past favorites in the event a 2020 flavor in competition cannot be reproduced. 

Competition 1 Flavors (pictured to the left):

(1) Figs Pecan and Chocolate - Variegated fiordilatte with caramelized figs, pecans, and dark chocolate by Carlo Piccinini of Gelato Italyano
(2) Fior di Mandorla  - Almond gelato and lemon zest by Fabio Vota of Guess & Marciano Family Private Kitchen
(3) Dama Pistachio Vegan - Pistachio, orange blossom, rose water (vegan) by Joseph Maatouk  of Paradise Ice Cream 
(4)  Hazelnut Truffle Stracciatella  -  An elegant combination of hazelnut, truffle, and acacia honey by Luca Moriconi of Culina Restaurant, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills
(5) Lavender Honey - Lavender Gelato with Honey inspired by my favorite latte by Peter Macias of La Peer Hotel 
(6) Banana Pudding - Southern banana pudding mixed perfectly into classic fior di latte gelato by Thereasa Black of Amore Congelato
(7) Mimosa Siciliana - Blood orange and almond sorbet (vegan) by Vincenzo Grasso of Likery 
(8) Drunken Chai - Oat Vanilla Chai gelato drizzled with chocolate and Carmel (Vegan) by Vinn Brooks of Coffee Manufactory
(9) Gianduia Gelato and Amarena Cherry - With whole Fabbri Amarena Cherries by Michael Meranda of Gelato D'Oro
(10) Cardamom and chocolate pear gelato - Cardamom, caramelized pear, and crunchy chocolate by Samantha Santiago Torres of Saint Clair Inn
(11) Texas pecan salted caramel - Rich and creamy salted caramel gelato swirled with organic pecans by chef Diego Comparin, *Paciugo Gelato Café*, Silver Award American Championship 2019
(12) Blueberry basil - Organic Blueberries, fresh basil leaves, and a squeeze of lemon by chef Mike Guerrero, American Champion 2019

Each box comes with fresh Italian coffee courtesy of Caffe Vergnano*, a 10% off coupon for Rancilio Silvia, and a box of two chocolate-covered cherries from Fabbri**. Furthermore, Honorary Judge Giada de Laurentiis, Chef and Founder of, will also be gifting a code for $10 worth of Italian grocery ingredients to her website. 

*Choose either Caffe Vergnano coffee pods, grounds, or whole beans.
**Until supplies last. Might exchanged with another Fabbri product.

Box available for purchase until December 31, 2020. 

The deadline to vote is January 31, 2021.

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