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12 containers of gelato
7 containers of gelato
4 containers of gelato
4 containers of gelato
Caffe Vergnano

Sorbet & Plant-Based Gelato Box - SOLD OUT


Savor 12 4oz containers of Gelato Festival West Hollywood vegan line that includes a selection of sorbets and gelatos made with oat milk of Califia Farms.

Oat Milk Flavors
HAZELNUT pure Piemonte hazelnut from Italy
PISTACHIO pure Sicilian pistachio from Italy
BACIO Belgium cocoa & Piemonte hazelnut, with chocolate chips & whole hazelnuts 

GIANDUIA CREMINO PEANUT BUTTER special Italian gianduia with California peanut butter sauce
CHOCOLATE 90% dark chocolate blended between Belgium and Venezuela cocoa
ESPRESSO COFFEE classic roasted Italian espresso
BANANA PEANUT BUTTER peanut butter gelato with a delicate flavor of organic banana
VANILLA pure Madagascar vanilla bean 

Sorbet Flavors
SICILIAN MANDARIN MINT Sicilian mandarin and fresh mint
PINEAPPLE & PASSION FRUIT organic passion fruit & pineapple base sorbet
LEMON organic lemon water base sorbet
STRAWBERRY organic strawberry water base sorbet

Each box comes with fresh Italian coffee courtesy of Caffe Vergnano* and a 10% off coupon for Rancilio Silvia. Furthermore, Giada de Laurentiis will also be gifting a code for $10 worth of Italian grocery ingredients from her Italian pantry on

*Choose either Caffe Vergnano coffee pods, grounds, or whole beans below.

This box doesn't include QR codes for voting. 

Box available for purchase until December 31, 2020. 

Ingredients for gelato
HAZELNUT: Oat milk, sucrose, dextrose, and hazelnut paste.
PISTACHIO: Oat milk, sucrose, dextrose, and pistachio paste.
BACIO: Oat milk, sucrose, dextrose, cocoa powder, hazelnut paste, and dark chocolate.
GIANDUIA CREMINO PEANUT BUTTER: Oat milk, sucrose, dextrose, cocoa powder, hazelnut paste, and crunchy peanut butter.
CHOCOLATE: Oat milk, sucrose, dextrose, bitter cocoa, and dark chocolate.
ESPRESSO COFFEE: Oat milk, sucrose, dextrose, and espresso coffee
BANANA PEANUT BUTTER: Oat Milk Sucrose, dextrose, crunchy peanut butter, and bananas
VANILLA: Oat milk, sucrose, dextrose, and Madagascar vanilla bean

Ingredients for sorbet
SICILIAN MANDARIN MINT: Water, sucrose, dextrose, sicilian mandarin, and peppermint
Water, sucrose, dextrose, pineapple, and passionfruit
Water, sucrose, dextrose, and lemon
Water, sucrose, dextrose, and strawberry 

Ingredients of Califia Farms Oat Milk
Water, oats, sunflower oil, minerals, and sea salt

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